In 2017 I earned my Ph.D. from Lehigh University, where I completed my dissertation entitled “ ‘A Psychiatrist is the God of Our Age’: Contemporary American Fiction and the Postmodern Critique of Psychiatry.” A writer of fiction, creative non-fiction, and academic essays, I have pieces published in BOATT Pressper contra, decomp, Literary Orphans, One Throne MagazineSuperstition ReviewReadings: A Journal for Scholars and Readers, KritikosRhizomesEnglish Studies in Canada and The Apollonian Journal, among others.

In 2013, I passed my field exams in post-45 American Literature and Digital Humanities with dual distinction. Over the years, I have published over three dozen works of scholarship and creative writing and presented conference papers and read at creative writing workshops in over ten states.

For seven years I taught first-year writing, interdisciplinary topics, and upper-level literature at Lehigh University, where I also tutored in the Writing Center and edited the university’s creative arts journal, AmaranthI’m also proud to have developed a public humanities website, with Dr. Mary Foltz and Adam Heidebrink-Bruno, entitled The Southsider.

I am now a Visiting Assitant Professor and Digital Teaching Fellow at the University of South Florida-Tampa. I teach classes in technical writing for health science majors, professional writing for business majors, and literature classes to various class levels. I also lead a DH/D-Ped initiative at the university aimed at community outreach and social justice. The purpose of which is to demonstrate the functions of digital technologies in various disciplines at the university. 

In my free time, I enjoy playing chess, Jeopardy!, and Scrabble.  I also work with web infrastructure and Google Analytics, both as a side job and a teaching tool. As a relocated Northerner, I am still exploring the various spots in Florida for sunsets.  Sunsets!  They are amazing. I also volunteer here in mental health causes and animal abuse support. I am also in the process of publishing a collection of short stories entitled Ambushing the Void.  I use the word “also” perhaps too much, but that’s what life’s about, right?  Let’s all have our alsos, alsos, alsos,….alsos….You shall see.A great word.