James McAdams earned his Ph.D. from Lehigh University, where he completed his dissertation entitled “ ‘A Psychiatrist is the God of Our Age’: Contemporary American Fiction and the Postmodern Critique of Psychiatry.” A writer of fiction, creative non-fiction, and academic essays, I have pieces published in BOATT Pressper contra, decomp, Literary Orphans, One Throne MagazineSuperstition ReviewReadings: A Journal for Scholars and Readers, KritikosRhizomesEnglish Studies in Canada and The Apollonian Journal, among others (please see publication pages). In 2013, I passed my field exams in post-45 American Literature and Digital Humanities with dual distinction. Over the years, I have published over three dozen works of scholarship and creative writing and presented conference papers and read at creative writing workshops in over ten states. Currently, I teach first-year writing, interdisciplinary topics, and upper-level literature at Lehigh University, where I also tutor in the Writing Center and edited the university’s creative arts journal, Amaranth. Recently, I began developing The Southsidera community cultural news and events outlet, reporting on film, visual arts, music, and literary and theatrical events in Bethlehem’s South Side.  I am also in the process of publishing a collection of short stories entitled Ambushing the Void.