Creative Publications (selected)

2018—”People on the Edge of the Night.” Burning House Press.

2018—”The Donderback Initiative.” Ellipsis Zine.

2017—“Phagocyte.” Five on the Fifth.

2017—“Dreamcatchers.” Apeiron Review.

2016—“Like Talking to a Priest (in Javascript 1.5).” Matador Review.

2016—“Gio’s Arm.” Belletrist Magazine.

2016—”Monads with Windows.” Rum Punch Press.   

2016—“Estar sin Blanca.” River River.

2016—“Theory of Mind.” Menacing Hedge.  

2016—“Multiverses; or Possible Worlds.” Day One/Amazon.
DayOne: McAdams

2016—“Memo in re: Goodbyes.” Foliate Oak.

2016—Little Plots in the Sky.” Hypertext Magazine.

2016—“Author Talk.” SR Pod/Vod Series, SR Podcast # 208. Superstition Review.

2016—“First Times.” Mulberry Fork Review.

2016—“Tragic Expressions of Unmet Needs.” Potluck Magazine.

2015—“Nobody’s Children.” Superstition Review.

2015—Little Curly.” B.O.A.A.T. Press.

2015—“Ghost Lines.” Per Contra. Fall 2015.

2015—“My Back Pages.” r.kv.r.y. quarterly. Vol. XII, no. 3.

2015—“Meran.” One Throne Magazine. Issue Six. – !meran/c189e

2015—Get Back Your Life.” Literary Orphans.

2015—The NIEMS Method.” decomP Magazine.

2014—What We Are Missing in This World.” Carbon Culture Review.

2014—All of That.” TINGE Journal. Issue 7.